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Fashion Accessories Designing:

Handbag And Purse Making:

Types of Handbags:
Tote Bag: an open handbag or shopping bag used esp. for carrying packages or small items
Purse: A woman's bag for carrying keys, a wallet, and other personal items.
Handbag: A bag or box made of  leather, fabric, plastic, or the like, held in the hand or carried by means of a handle or strap. Commonly used by women for holding money and various types of personal items.
Clutch Bag: Also called clutch purse. a woman's small purse that can be carried in the hand and usually has no handle or strap.
Materials Used in Handbag Construction

Various types of fabrics and materials is used in handbag construction. 

The following is a small list of some of the popular materials used. 
Fabrics :
Cotton: Cotton fabric comes in a variety of colors, prints, weight and textures. 
It is easily cut, quilted and embellished.
Faux Fur: Fax fur has a nap and all the pattern pieces must be cut facing the same direction.
Leather and Suede: Leather and suede is made from animal skin.
Linen: Linen fabrics have a loose weave and wrinkle easily unless fused with a interfacing or backed with batting and quilted. Linens can be pre-washed but it better to dry clean them.
Polyester and Blends: Polyester and Blends is very easy to care for. They can be pre-washed with very little shrinkage. 
Rayon: Rayon Fabric is versatile in texture, color and sheen. It can have the drape and luster of silk and is best dry cleaned.
Silk: Silk comes in different weights from sheer chiffon to slubby dupioni. 
Tapestry: is a textile with a loose weave but it can be fused with interfacing to stabilize.
Velvet and Velveteen : Both fabrics have a directional nap and must be cut in the same direction.
Lining Fabrics: There are various types of lining fabric in various colors and textures they add a professional look to the inside of the bag.
All apart of creating a great looking handbag is the use of the proper stabilizer .
There are many types of stabilizers available on the market today. 
Example of  stabilizers used in handbag making is: Cotton batting, silk batting, polyester batting, fleece, fusible interfacing, fusible web. Spray adhesives.
Handbag Bottom:
Plastic canvas or hard cardboard is used for bag support.
Handles and Hardware:

        Purchased Handles such as; wood, plastic and bamboo Handles
        Cording and beaded handles
        Webbing and fabric Handles
        Hardware for handles such as Drings.


       Metal handbag / Purse Feet


        Magnetic Snaps
       Loop and Button


        Asian tokens


       Gems and Jewelry 


        Tassels, charms and many other types of things can be used to 

         add dazzle to a handbag you are only limited by your imagination.
Glues and Adhesives:

        Iron-on adhesives
        Adhesive sheets
        Fabric glues
        Gem and Jewelry Glues
        White glues
        Decoupage glue


        Cutting Tools; scissors, leather shears, rotary cutters
        Cutting boards, self healing mats
        Grommets, eyelets and setters
        Metal Punch

Sewing techniques:

        Simple stitches
        Top stitching
        Edge stitching
        Blanket Stitch

Other types of Handbags:
Cigar Box  Purses: -A cigar box purse is a purse made from real wooden cigar boxes . Each cigar box purse is handcrafted using unique design elements. 
Crocheted Purses: Crochet is a needlecraft. All that is needed is a hook and a ball of thread or yarn.  Using a crochet stitch beautiful handbags can be crafted.
No Sew Purses / Handbags:  Fleece is a popular fabric used in no sew handbags.
Wooden Purses: Wooden purses are made from various types of wood and comes in different  shapes and sizes. They are decorated by covering in fabric, paint, painting of pictures and or decoupage.

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